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Tele2 Shared Service Center

“Tele2 Shared Service Center” (Reg.No. 40003690571) is part of Tele2 AB group. In 2014 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Our main activities are: maintenance, testing, development of the telecommunications systems and providing services to all the Tele2 group companies. Riga provides support for various Tele2 systems: customer management, accounting services, billing solutions - prepaid and postpaid systems.

“Tele2 Shared Service Center” (previously named: “Tele2 Billing”) was established in Riga in 2004 and at that time we only had 9 employees, currently in Riga we have a team of more than 660 employees (and counting). Our employees are high-level experts, who mainly works in IT & T field - business analysts, support specialists, system testers, developers, project managers, IT support technicians, system maintenance technicians, etc.

We continue our path of rapid growth and welcome new members to our team – both undergraduate and graduate students, young and promising professionals, as well as high-level and experienced professionals.

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