Salespeople OÜ
Sales specialist, Sales manager
Salespeople OÜ
Salespeople OÜ

Sales specialist, Sales manager

Salespeople OÜ

Requirements for candidates

We are looking for active sales people💡
 Join Rahmqvist- Sales College Education opportunity that is followed by a guarantee of employment
Company Overview:
Rahmqvist is a Swedish family-owned company with a rich 70-year history. We are dedicated to enhancing workplace environments through the sale of our unique products, fostering joyful workdays.

What we offer

Why Rahmqvist is Special:
At Rahmqvist, you have the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. We are the company where you learn excellent sales skills, turning sales into an art form. Rahmqvist boasts its own Sales College where we share our expertise, learning from the best. Our trainers are true hands-on salespeople, engaged in direct sales daily. You'll learn alongside them, experiencing a "learning by doing" approach. You'll quickly discover how well you're doing, and if you excel, the earning potential is substantial. In the sales field, only a few jobs offer such rewarding compensation!
What We Offer Besides Education:
Apart from top-notch education, we provide the freedom to make your own decisions and organize your work. We don't micromanage; you're your own boss here. If you're seeking a workplace where you don't arrive in the morning to be told what to do, then Rahmqvist is the place for you.
  • National and even international career opportunities🚀


Proficiency in Latvian and good in English.
Possession of a valid driver's license 🚗
You are available full-time ( from M- F working time)

Recruitment Process:

 Apply for Rahmqvist job
You'll receive a special video question, to which we expect your video response.

If we see the Rahmqvist spirit in your video response, the next step is a live meeting with Rahmqvist leadership a sort of group event where we introduce Rahmqvist as a company, our values, daily life, unique products, and we get to know each other.

Following this, it's decision time for both sides.
If you're the "Rahmqvist type," full of enthusiasm and ready to achieve results, we will begin the training process, which will guarantee you a position at Rahmqvist.

Join Us:

If you aspire to learn the art of selling, are ready to invest your time, effort, and dedication, desire substantial earnings, then come see what we're planning in Latvia Send us your CV!
Come and Be a Game Changer!
Mēneša bruto algaBruto mēnesī  € 1000 - 3500

Papildu informācija:  Your salary level is up to you, your salary is commission-based

Atrašanās vieta

    Daugavpils, Augšdaugavas novads, Latvija

Darba veids

  • Pilna slodze


 Initiative Presentation skills driving licence


  •  Angļu
  •  Latviešu
Jana Stukis

Welcome to Rahmqvists world of clever products and services for a better working day. We are experts when it comes to workplaces. For more than years we have visited millions of workplaces and helped our customer to have happier, more efficient and sustainable workdays.

Uzņēmuma mājaslapahttps://rahmqvist.com/home

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