Technical Partner
Technical Partner
Technical Partner
RealTime SIA
Technical Partner
Technical Partner

Technical Partner RealTime SIA

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • Be customer-focused and be able to maintain excellent customer relationships
  • Have strong written and communication skills in English
  • Be able to prioritize own workloads and ideally have project management experience
  • Excellent in handling technical discussions and coordinating tasks with customers
  • Familiar with back-end integrations
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills using modern browser stack and emulators, command line Linux fluency
  • Feel comfortable with SQL, Linux, Windows systems and networking and data routing concepts
  • Advanced user of Postman, Curl or alike, Kibana/Logz.io, Grafana or Prometheus, Dev mode of Chrome
  • Interest of knowledge in OO-languages (.NET, Java, Python etc)
  • Able to work both independently and collaborate with the commercial team and other business stakeholders
  • Hands on experience in testing
  • Experience efficiently get job done through teams working in agile methodologies


As a Technical Partner for OnAir Entertainment, you will have a proactive and commercial approach and the ability to adapt to changing environments. You will add value through core areas including;

  • Game configurations and product mapping
  • Technical product rollouts and technical improvements
  • Game testing, performance, and review
  • Network and game error fixing for enhanced product performance
  • Customer setup and internal technical architecture maintain relationships with customers, integration partners and commercial teams to create business synergy


Problem Solving

The ability to define a problem, weigh the relevance and accuracy of the information, and apply appropriate analytical, creative and logical processes to develop and implement a workable solution

Attention to Detail

The ability to work with a high level of accuracy, methodical precision and highlight inconsistencies and inaccuracies in detailed information

Anticipating & Managing Change or Risk

The ability to recognise, initiate, support and/ or implement necessary change initiatives and create structure in situations of uncertainty with adaptability and flexibility

Learning Agility

The ability to grasp new information with speed and ease, be self-reflexive and self-critical, and adapt one’s responses accordingly

Action Orientation & Decisiveness

The capacity to make well-informed and timely decisions, even when data is limited, perceive the potential impact of decisions and follow through on agreed actions, with an inherent drive for results

Excellence & Quality orientation

The capacity to be alert and systematic in identifying and attending to quality issues and ensuring one’s own and other’s work is completed to required standards within deadlines

Time and Self-Management

The capacity to work independently in planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating own workflow and output, anticipating obstacles, juggling priorities and following through on goals and commitments within agreed time frames and with the necessary sense of urgency- to completion

Stress Management/ Emotional Regulation

The capacity to function well under pressure and maintain patience, self-control and composure in the face of hostility, provocation, stress or other sources of tension and emotional arousal

Influencing and Persuading

The capacity, confidence and charisma to establish credibility, make an impact on people and convince them to support an idea, product, agenda or direction

Collaborative Rapport Building & Team work

The capacity to listen effectively and use appropriate diplomatic interpersonal communication skills to build relationships based on trust and goodwill, whilst working cooperatively with others to achieve common goals

Procedure Orientation & Compliance

The orientation to adhere to standard procedures, rules, processes, safety & security regulations and work by the book, in an objective, prudent and systemic manner in achieving results

Customer Service Orientation

The capacity to anticipate, recognise and meet the needs of internal and external clients and customers, taking responsibility for maintaining the highest service standards and developing and sustaining productive client relationships

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